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Wayne Broadway
Nathan Camp
Rainer DeClerk
Keith Futrell
Ben Pond
Rob Olvey
Question:  To Alderman Broadway:  How long do city council meetings last?
      Answer: Unfortunately, many municipalities have meetings that can regularly run anywhere from two to five hours This is why your city council meeting attendance are low.
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The City of PocahontasCouncilmen:

Remember: They work for you! You do not work for them! Now give them a question... 
The city Council Meeting is on every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Time at 6:00 P.M.
Question to Alderman Broadway: What is the difference between a Resolution and a Ordinance?
The term "ordinance" means something more than a mere verbal motion or resolution. ... A resolution deals with matters of a special or temporary character and an ordinance prescribes some permanent rule of conduct or government to continue in force until the ordinance is repealed.
Answer: from City Alderman Broadway.
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