Base on a true Story.
This was pony league baseball allstars in 1971. They were pick from all leages. IGA, Planters And Stockmans Bank, Farmers merchants bank and Rotary. They won the 3rd place region that year. Great ball players.
      Everyone Welcome to the PocahontasArkOnline Baseball Cards Give Away. Here how it works... We will gave you a questions about anything or everything hack even the town of Pocahontas Arkansas and the great Randolph County that surrounds  Pocahontas. The person with the right answer will be the winner. :Send your answer to . Please send only one answer per email. If their is more than one with the same answer we will do a Electronic drawing that person that is pick will be the PocahontasArkOnline Baseball Card Great Give Away Winner. We will asking for your mailing address to send your PocahontasArkOnline Baseball Card. Free Shipping and Handling. The winner will be announce and posted on the The website... Remember; One answer per question by E-MAIL..
Let's start with a PHOTO naming: This is an old picture back in the early 70's. The year was in 1971 can you name all baseball player's?
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Did I say these questions were going to be easy. LoL ..Good-Luck!
           We are jixing to do in coming months a scavenger hunt, will have Clues and Hints to find the Lost Silver Dollars of Frank and Jesse James. Maybe a rare find that could be yours. The Saying of a true story that a train was Robbed at the Mountain Railroad depot at Gad's Hill, Missouri in Wayne County by the outlaws Youngers and the James Gang as known as the Frank and Jesse James and the Youngers. The year was 1874 that the two James brothers and the youngers brothers where riding their horses hard out of Missouri and into the Arkansas State line and knowing that a posey was getting close, Bob Younger and Frank James was known to be the ones to throw the loot off the banks of the Black River.  Black River runs through a small town called Corning Arknasas. The saying is about 10 miles or more up river above from Corning Arkansas the records say Iron Mountain Railrad loot was over $12000.00 and never was recovered. Which was payment to Railroad Workers and Bank Money Transfers in Silver and Gold Coins. Many people try to recoved the lost loot.... But, no luck... Here what so cool ; PocahontasArkOnline had found 3 Old Silver Dollar Coins at where the Old Wagon and Train Bridge was once standing in shollow water. Black River was a lot wider and swifter in the 1800's. These coins could be from  Jrank and Jassie James train robbary that drifted down the Black River all these years. Wow, maybe even touch by Jrank and Jasse James. Who would every know for sure. Find the coin and it will be yours to keep plus you will keep the Story Legend going..  Good Luck and Let the Magic begin....
Let the Magic Begin...
This was a great year in 1946.
This will be the next weeks Baseball Card to be gaven away to you from PocahontasArkOnline Baseball Card give away!
Ozzie Smith 1979 Rookie Card! WoW!
This was a great year in 1971
Do you remember when the Arkansas State was The Indians....