Start at #1 Mayors Greastest Hits : John Patrick.......... John was an outstanding Mayor for the City of Pocahontas  he server as Mayor at the years of 1990 to 2012. We granted him with a Solid Pocahontasarkonline Golden Key to the City!
John Patrick
Watching The New Community Center Being Built (1997).
Celebration The Century Wall Which Was Unveiled on July 4, 2000. He was also the one to come up with the idea of Forth On The Black Celebration.
Ex-Mayor Patrick was always looking over undeveloped land for future development.
Ribbon Cutting Ceremonys was Johns favorite projects to Honor New business. He would always hold the Ribbon not the Scissors.
PocahontasArkOnline is proud to picks our #1 Start in Ex-Mayors Past is of that John Patrick. John server as Mayor in 1990 to 2002. John would always say Pocahontas is my hometown and was always proud of living here. His children and grandchildren lives here and goes to school here. As so say where else would I want to be.  John had a unique personality as a very careing and hard working is the way he was raised. Work late and dont sleep much is what he did as mayor. John wouldnt wait a moment before thinking things through. John would say that, our children is the main back bone of our Commuity and future. Reason is that you got do for your children no matter what it is. Have things for them to do. His great dutie of beening a mayor is make sure the safty and the welfare of our cizeness. As mayor he made sure that the new Commuity Center was built the new ball fields the new Tennis Courts the New overlook park the new fishing peir and many more to menchion. Before he leaves office of Mayor. In Johns words,  Be Happy in what you do in daliy life and love each other we are for we are all family. Keep care of things for what you have..  Life is very short. Just be happy!
He would always recieved donotes from all sources of Businesses and individuals for New Payground Equipment and Other City projects.
Fun under the sun John loves the outdoors.. Jetski is one of his best past time to rest...
Mayor John Patrick
John was always active in everything he did... He came up with the ideal of a way people and family could enjoy on the forth of July. Yes he was the one that thought of the ideal of The 4th On The Black. He love to see people to have to much fun.....
Toast and Roast was a greatest thing that i seen on John... He was a happy man and thank everyone that was in on the Toast and Roart. John was ask a question on what was the most rememberable think that he ever did of the City Of Pocahontas.. He reply: The Parks was the most thing he love for the people and that I did not build it.. It was the people of Pocahontas and Randolph who that built it.. I was bless with such wonderful PEOPLE!!! I would do it again...
The fire dept was one of John top matters and aways watch the safty of Pocahontas .. He would count on fire Chief John Dalton to pertect his greatest employees and the people of Pocahontas.. John Dalton was a leader to Mayor Patrict and made sure everything was up dated.. Mayor Patrick would say, fire chief Dalton was outstanding and was a man of great leadership.. 
John would do anything to get our home town clubs attention.. He love avery Minute of it... Helping Others!
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Yes, Mayor Patrick is Santa.... Pretty neat indeed.... John love families and Children.. He touch so many families and enjoy doing it for so many years... Candy Cane Lane is so beautiful during Christmas.. John would say, What would you like for Christmas?
He is one of the Greatest person's that i had ever met. A caring for others and a righteous to others. His words are like a handshake,  he says he will do and does... God Bless us with a kind man. John Patrick  my family love's you and you'll be  miss by all.
Words from our local Pocahontas citizens ( young-old )
The Smith Family