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The Beginning of Southern Baptist College
The Year was 1956
Drum Majorette:
Future Nurses of America
Rosemary Wilson
       In the spring of 1941, H. E. Williams pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pocahontas Arkansas, was moved in a strange and powerful manner by the vision of a school such as Southern Baptist College, at the particular location. The beautiful and specious building was offered by the city government. After this, Rev. Williams and Rev. G.E. Neely went afield to many leading pastors of Northast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. The vision found ready acceptance in many hearts and minds. The response to the proposal was so overwhelming that, at Founders'organization for the opening of the school. Again the interest was shown in that the college was opened on Sept, 10th, of that year, instead of at the originally planned January, 1942, opening date. An all time Arkansas record for college openings was set; students from several other states were matriculated.
Student Council Rep:
Patsy James
Scotta Wells
Ruth Choate
        The financial support of the school has come without any campaign whatever. Several substantial gifts have come from individuals of outside states who have heard about and realized the value of such an enterprise. Churches, one after another, are taking upon themselves their rightful responsibility for the success of Southern Baptist College. Truly God has led in a marvelous way this part of His will to perform.
Kathryn Brown
Billie Ruth Dixon
Carol Johnson
        Southern Baptist College Library is truly a treasure house of printed knowledge. Over four thousand volumes line the shelves, ever ready to meet the inquiring student need with material well worth knowing. On the magazine shelves are those periodicals containing most informative cultural and Christian contemporary articles.
Mrs. Dorothy Wells
Freeda Smith
Vice President:
Corrine Hunt
Safety Patrol Officers:
The Year was 1956
        Convenient and economical, our dining room daily serves well-cooked and palatable meals to a large number of the students. The dining room is in the main building so that the student need not go out ot the building in order to procure his meals.
The Year was 1956
         The College Press is equipped to turn out first-grade job printing. Student labor is used under supervision of experienced school officials. The furniture-makeing enterprise employs several students throughout the school year and during the summer months. Capable instructors make it possible for several students each year to become experienced woodworkers, and to earn much of their college expenses.
Whos Who
         The Student Council and Baptist Student Union Council are two of the representative groups duly elected by the students on the campus.The Ministerial Alliance is the organization of all licensed and ordained ministers among the students and faculty. These are banded together to meet regularly for programs that contribute to the building of a lasting fellowship and to the carrying out of a more effective minstry of the gospel. The Womens Missionary Society is a recent addition to the College activities and trains the pastors' wives to be of more efficienthelp to their Lord and to their pastor-husbands. Religious and secular dramatics are conducted each year for speech students and others who manifest and interest and ability for acting. Debate  also is offered when a sufficient number of students apply for the course. Indoor sports:  badminton, shuffle board, ping-pong and table-croquet allow the student to relax and to train his body in muscular coordination. Supervised physical education is under the regular curriculum for college course of study. Choral work, under the direction of Mrs. Lincoln, is arranged for choir singing in the local church and for tours in the interest of the college. Chapel services ar conducted once each week during the school session. At regular intervals various student groups supply the program.
Safety Patrol Diretor
Chief of Police
Charles King
Butch Stolt
1956 Whos Who
Barbara Jones
Mike Dunn
The Year was 1956
The Year was 1956
The Year was 1964
Best Dressed
Wittiest Couple
Eighth Grade Class Officers:
Left to Right, First Row: Virginia Moore as President; Linda Bly as Vice-President; David Tyler as Secretary; Mike Parker as Treasurer;

Left to Right,
Second Row: Barbara Hibbard as President; Judy Chester as Vice-President; Sharon Spillman as Secretary; Debbie Cuningham as Treasurer; Jane Kincade as Reporter;

Left to Right,
Third Row: Rickey Conner as President; Eugene Tyler as Vice-President; Bonnie Woodard as Secretary; Brooksie Hufstedler as Treasurer.
Rosemary Wilson
Bob Fisher
Jenetta Long
Larry Nibert